Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 24, 2011

Net Loot: Portal 2 ‘No Escape’ Fan Video Should Be A Full-length Film

The Portal series has quickly gone from a successful class project to a most-important cultural reference for all gamers across the globe. Players reference it, joke about it, write about it, and in Youtube user dantrachtenberg1’s case, make fan films about it.

The video below is entitled “Portal: No Escape.” It follows Chell as she wakes in a mysterious holding cell. She is under heavy surveillance, and she’s been branded (or chipped, I couldn’t tell). She struggles with her confined quarters, until a door opens revealing the Portal device. Then things really start to heat up.

This is one of the best creations I’ve seen in a while, and I get all “Shut up and take my money to make it a full-length film” every time I see it. Seriously, it’s that good. There’s even a twist at the end, and I won’t spoil it. So check it out for yourselves, and tell us what you think.


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