Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 9, 2011

Review: N-Control Avenger

When I found out that I was going to get to review the Avenger, I was more than excited. I first time I saw the Avenger was about a year ago, I was amazed just by how it looked, with it’s strange button extensions trigger loops and all around futuristic design, (a friend of mine said it looks like the Borg assimilated an Xbox 360 controller). I was eager to get my hands on it and get playing.

Before I get into my review let me explain what the Avenger is. As opposed to what most people think, the Avenger is not an actual controller itself, but an interface adapter for your existing controller. The device clips onto your controller and then allows for major customization. From the amount of pressure required to hit a button to the sensitivity of the triggers, almost everything can be modified.

The Avenger has 3 tube-like arms that attach to the “X” “Y” and “B” buttons making the back or your left index finger responsible for “X”, and the back of your right index for “Y”. The side of your hand or finger (depending on how you set it up) will be in charge of “B”. “A” is left alone. By remapping the buttons you almost never remove your thumbs from the joysticks, so those few milliseconds spent moving your thumbs are now spent getting frags. The triggers are pulled by your middle fingers via two rubber fully adjustable straps, which allow for extreme rapid fire. There are bumper adjustments as well.

After roughly an hour of fumbling around in Halo: Reach and COD: Black Ops I began to get the hang of it. After a few days The Avenger had become an extension of my hands. I no longer had to think what to do I just did it. After about a week and a half of using the Avenger I checked my Halo: Reach stats and was pleasantly surprised to see my K/D ratio had gone up by .11. Going back to a normal controller feels foreign and odd, so be prepared to bring your Avenger with you when ever Xbox is to be played. Secondly you can’t just throw the Avenger in a bag. It is a fine tuned piece of gaming hardware, so you must save the box to safely take it places.

After about two weeks with The Avenger, I am extremely satisfied with it, and more than likely going to continue to use it. The Avenger sells for $49.99 and has a money back guarantee, and in my opinion is well worth it.

The Good

  • All movements become very fluid
  • Thumbs rarely leave sticks
  • Increases reaction time
  • Completely customizable

The Bad

  • Must be transported in a box or case
  • Hard to go back to a regular controller

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