Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 23, 2011

Robin Gets Skins In Arkham City

We all knew about Robin being a playable character in Batman: Arkham City’s Challenge maps, but now we’ve got more information to get your Batarangs flying. We now know that the Boy Wonder will have multiple skins t ochoose from in the game. As October hits, players will be able to choose from Red Robin, Hooded Robin, and Robin from the animated series.

The photo you see above was pieced together from various ArkhamCity.co.uk posters, and Arkham City’s official site confirmed the animated series Robin just recently. In other news, the Official Xbox Magazine asked Rocksteady about the possibility of any Bruce Wayne missions, and the developer shot it down. “Our aim has always been to make an action game, not a business simulator, and when you start thinking about what you would do while playing as Bruce Wayne, it doesn’t seem terribly exciting in comparison,” Dax Ginn told the magazine.

I think the skin additions are pretty cool, and the Challenge maps should be much fun as Robin. Since it’s all information taken from the UK site for Arkham City, we are still awaiting confirmation that this will show up in the states. What do you think about this news?


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