Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 3, 2011

Save Yammi Is Chomping Its Way To The iOS

I’m not usually into a lot of iOS titles (save for Dead Space and Infinity Blade), but after taking a look at Save Yammi, I’m intrigued. The game comes to us all from BulkyPix, and it looks interesting.

Save Yammi is a puzzler which puts players in the shoes of Yammi’s feeder. Players must use the touch screen to draw a rope, allowing a cookie to descend for Yammi the octopus to eat. Each of the over 100 levels has obstacles in your path that you’ll have to maneuver around, which can set the game up to be quite challenging.

The official trailer for the game has just released, which you can see below. Save Yammi will release on August 10th for just .99 cents. What do you think?


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