Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 26, 2011

Twisted Metal Rolling In To Blow up Your February


Not many gamers haven’t heard of Twisted Metal. The game is synonymous with guns, cars, and that creepy clown ice cream truck. Even though its been well over 8 years since I. Last played Twisted Metal I still remember playing like it was yesterday.

It has been almost 16 years since the first Twisted Metal debuted, and unlike so many franchises Twisted Metal was I tink not over used or used as a cash cow. So now for the part you have all been waiting for, Twisted Metal releases on february 14th 2012 (what better way to spend valentine’s day then blowing stuff up). I myself can’t wait to get in the driver seat once more.

Twisted metal games. Have always been successful in my book. There is no doubt in my mind that the game will be full of fun, action and plenty of explosions. I just hope they haven’t cut out axel.

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