Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 1, 2011

A Look At The Most Realistic Batman: Arkham Asylum Costume Ever

One of my favorite things about Batman: Arkham Asylum was the costume. Something about this particular iteration of the Dark Knight just screamed “badass” in a way that previous costumes had not. The design was simple, yet gritty, in a way that let you know he meant business. This is the costume that I want to see in a future movie.

A group of three artists had a similar feeling about the costume, and set out to design a real-life version for themselves. Over a period of three months, the group methodically crafted what is easily the best-looking bat suit I have ever seen. What’s more is that they went the extra mile and made it functional (or as functional as you’re going to get without Bruce Wayne’s vast fortune). While it’s hard to tell from the pictures, the cowl is actually flexible enough to turn your head in, without being cut like a helmet. This was accomplished by making the material thinner in some spots, while thicker in others for support.

We’ve included just a few of the pictures of the suit, but there are plenty more to be found. Hit the link below to check them all out, along with a detailed description of the breakdown by one of the creators. They are also planning to shoot a short film with the costume, to show off the costume’s full capabilities. I for one, can’t wait to see it.



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