Posted by Braxton Colongione on Sep 27, 2011

Amazing Portal Side Walk Art

3 dimensional sidewalk art has always peaked my interest. Just the amount of work involved coupled with the view and “eye” you must have make for an incredible challenge. I have seen canyons to Batman all looked amazing, but I have not seen many strictly video game pieces, until now.

While surfing the internet (Reddit to be specific), I recently came across this photo. It is an amazing piece of art, that according to the caption was done by a student at what I am guessing is not a university, although the art is definitely college level. If you do not immediately recognize it, it is from the Portal series and depicts a turret shooting through an orange portal. The caption also states it was done with pastels, which from the looks, is accurate (I am pretty sure you can’t do that with chalk).

This is an all-around great example of magnificent fan art, it’s well done and eye popping. I give major kudos the artist and to lolspeedboat for uploading it to Reddit. Now only if we could find the blue portal, so we can sneak up on that blasted turret.


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