Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 27, 2011

Angry Birds Creators Talk About Google Chrome

If someone asked you what one of the most popular games is right now, you might be inclined to say Angry Birds. This hilarious little bird-flinging game has seen so much popularity that is has been put into parks, figurines, comics, and so much more that you can barely fathom it.

The creators of this game are obviously thrilled beyond belief about the success of their game. Even though Angry Birds has been free to play on Google Chrome for months now, it seems that this video was only posted a few days ago.

Nothing is more hilarious than watching the creators of a game be made into characters from their game, and awkwardly talk about how great something is. These angry bird versions of Peter Vesterbacka (CMO of Rovio), Jaakko lisalo (Senior Game Designer of Angry Birds) and Serdar Soganci (Web Games Manager) are very inexpressive and monotone, which makes them even funnier.




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