Posted by Braxton Colongione on Sep 12, 2011

Angry Birds Halo Style

Angry Birds is one of the simplest games around, at least in rules and controls any way. The game is basic for the most part; fling the bird at the pigs and their hobo constructed forts. From angle of bird launch to tension on the slingshot, as simple as it sounds that game gets more and more difficult in strategy every level. Then there is Halo: Reach with its extensive creative options through Forge and intricate story. For those of you who don’t know, Forge is a game mode in Reach that allows for map editing and level creation, among other things. Now if only we could get these two together.

Well the folks over ay Daemon Productions did just that, and now bring you Angry Spartans. Angry Spartan is a nifty video in which an Angry Bird type game is played using Halo: Reach Forge. The video shows three Spartan, or Bird types, Hammer, Mongoose and Rocket. As for pigs and eggs they use Elites and flags instead.

The video is a little slow paced but still cool and rather humorous. It shows off the wide range of possibilities with Halo: Reach Forge as well as “Angry” fun. Angry Birds is a simple yet addictive, unlike Halo which in comparison is Complex and addictive. However you look at it the video is till neat. Give it a watch, the worts are bound give you a chuckle.

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