Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 28, 2011

Brand New Ways To Die Arise In Dark Souls With The New Bosses Destroy Trailer

If you’ve ever had the chance to play Demon’s Souls, then you’re most likely all too familiar with death. Ways to die are ever abundant with the title, and you’ve probably had your fair share of shed tears while playing. Its sequel, Dark Souls, follows this line of gameplay, and its new trailer proves it.

The new trailer, dubbed the “Bosses Destroy” trailer shows us just what the title suggests. In the footage we get to see all new ways to be brought to death by the game’s blundering behemoths that will make even a demon flinch. This is most certainly true.

The trailer is posted below for your viewing pleasure, or dismay. It’s your preference. Dark Souls will release next month, on October 4th. Are you ready to die over and over again?


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