Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 29, 2011

Dark Souls ‘All Saints Day’ Trailer Gets Us Prepared For Death

As the week starts to wind down, we’re quickly approaching the date on which Dark Souls will be upon us. Just released was the trailer showing us new ways we would die against the game’s many unbelievable bosses, and now we’ve a brand new set of footage that throws the cards in a row to prove just how difficult this game is going to be.

FromSoftware isn’t making any attempt to hide to players how hard this game will be, unlike the marketing decisions made with the game’s prequel Demon’s Souls. This is definitely a game for players who don’t mind getting their rears most rightfully kicked into the ground. Only the strongest of gamers should attempt a journey into this perilous world of death and decay.

You can check out the trailer below, and while you do, leave us your comments on what you think. Will you be picking up Dark Souls next week? I know I will be, simply because I rather enjoy a good beating. This game may just make Mike Tyson’s Punch Out look like a title for a toddler. Are you frightened yet?


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