Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 28, 2011

Flickr And Katamari Damacy Creators Join To Make Glitch

There are some games that you find beautiful or challenging. Sometimes you can even find both in the same title. It is somewhat difficult, however, to find something that is new. Katamari Damacy was definitely something that we hadn’t really seen before, and the retired creator Keita Takahashi was known for bringing new ideas to the table.

It is somewhat surprising then to see that he came back to the realm of game creation to be a part of Glitch that is being put together by Tiny Speck. This giant web-based game is an “experiment in culture building” Players will navigate through 11, god-like giants that will constantly be changing, even while people are playing the game.

From the sounds of it, this is more than an MMO, it will be changing and evolving constantly in front of your very eyes. There is also talk of an iPhone game that would work in tandem with the online game. It seems that this is going to be one of those games that sounds a little overwhelming, and once you play it, find out that it’s just pure awesome. You can check out the sign in page here.


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