Posted by Braxton Colongione on Sep 6, 2011

iOS Devices To Be Bought Traded And Sold At Gamestop

did you buy an iPad when  they first came out and am now craving the ever so popular iPad 2? Or have you been stuck worth that old I pod from a while back? If that is the case head over to  your neighborhood Gamestop. there is word of a new program starting up.

Gamestop currently does not sell iOS devices in store but will take them as trade-in, we know this for a fact. With word from sources acquainted with 9to5mac, there was an announcement made at Gameststop’s annual manager’s convention in Las Vegas this past week. Whether or not this will ring true will have to wait for an official press release.

I wonder how the rating system will work, if jailbroken items will be accepted, or what generations will they take (there are a lot of them). As for reselling the devices I think it might be a great way to buy a used iPad without having go through Craigslist and then having to delete all the past owners cat pictures off of it. I have bought many used devices from Gamestop in the past, and generally am satisfied so I guessing the same will be with iOS products.

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