Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 13, 2011

Net Loot: It’s Time To Catch Pokemon In Fallout: New Vegas With This New Kanto Mod

If there’s one thing I want to do in the desert wasteland, it’s let my Charmeleon set everything on fire. Well, what’s left of everything at least. In the new Pokemon New Vegas Mod, you can do just that.

Loyal modder Chrisplosion decided to create and offer this mod to all PC-owners of the game via the website here. The mod allows you to throw Pokeballs, which act much like grenades, that will unleash the monsters within. you can release certain Pokemon such as Scyther, Hitmonchan, Machoke, and even Kabutops.

You can see the mod in action below, and prepare yourselves. These Pokemon will help restore order to New Vegas, one charred denizen at a time. I can’t wait to see some trainer battles. Those will most definitely add some flare to the game.


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