Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 26, 2011

Net Loot: Survive With This Dead Island Live-Action Fan Video

If you’ve had the chance to play Dead Island, then you’ll know that everything has a function as a weapon. Players can pick up everything from boat oars, to broomsticks, and even pipes from bungalows. In the fan video posted below, we see how this is put into action, as the character showed uses a plastic coathanger. I can’t make this up.

The short video is actually pretty cool, and stays true to the game. It even shows the character selection screen and the spoken biography. The moral of this fan video? Never pick a guy named Larry.

Check out the short below, and tell us what you think. The guys at GoingNowhereShow did a great job creating this re-enactment, and it’s got a sense of hilarity to it. All I know is, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a coathanger on Banoi. Or would I?


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