Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 12, 2011

PS3 Fighting Commander 3 Pro Controller

It seems that there are more and more professional gaming controllers coming out, or a controller optimizer such as the N-Avenger. I must admit though I haven’t seen any quite like this one.

The Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro Controller for the Playstation 3 looks like it might just be the perfect controller for fighting games. It looks a little odd as it is outfitted with an asymmetrical left hand grip, but it is said that this is merely for better stability. It did away completely with the DualShock analog sticks, which made room for an adjustable D-pad, six large buttons, and shoulder controls. The adjustable aspect of the D-pad gives you 0 to 20 degrees of angle that you can customize. In addition, you can also choose from three levels of sensitivity for the diagonal inputs.

For only $35, this is looking to be a pretty sweet controller. There are even adjustable turbo modes if you so desire. It would definitely take some time to get used to though. A new controller for a system that has one we’re already accustomed to makes things a little difficult. Guess we’ll just have to see for ourselves won’t we?



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