Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 20, 2011

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 Brings An End To Deathwing’s Reign

The newest patch in the World of Warcraft saga, 4.3, introduces a few new features, as well as bring an end to Deathwing’s reign of terror. Deathwing’s empire isn’t the only thing to end either. With the new patch comes the end to casual players not being able to access raid content.

The core of the new patch brings about the conclusion of the Cataclysm expansion. This comes in the introduction of three new five-man dungeons which lead to the epic final battle against the dreadful dragon that started the entire world-crushing to begin with. Players will find themselves searching throughout these dungeons, looking for an ancient artifact called the Demon Soul, which fans will notice was the item Deathwing used to deceive the forces of good, ripping his body apart in the process. Players can experience these three new dungeons in order, telling the story of the final moments of Deathwing, and the Dragonblight. They will travel to the future to show the dragon aspect of time just how dangerous Deathwing is, then travel to the past to recover the Demon Soul, and finally escort Thrall to Wyrmrest Temple where the ending battle will ensue.

The introduction of the new Raid Finder will allow casual players to hop into raids just as easy as they can jump into dungeon groups. This will make acquiring gear and gaining rep a lot easier, which players have been looking forward to for a while. There will be premium rewards for normal and heroic raid completion, which will come to players in tiers. Higher-level raids will earn higher-level gear, and so on.

This is a great integration into the game, and I think a lot of the casual players will become more hardcore as time goes on. For more information about the 4.3 patch, head to the Insider here. Are you ready to jump into WoW once again and confront Deathwing once and for all? I think it’s time to pick up that epic gear once again, and head into the bowels of the Dragonblight.


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