Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 2, 2011

XEOX Is A PS3 Controller Disguised As A 360 Controller

When you ask someone if they prefer the Xbox 360 or PS3, it’s almost like asking a computer owner if they like Mac or PC. Generally you get a response that is very one-sided. You’ll hear arguments about everything from title availability, to network superiority to controller comfort. Well if you’re a PS3 lover that secretly yearns for a 360 controller, you’re in luck.

A company by the name of SpeedLink has been hard at work on a controller that very much looks and feels like it belongs on a 360. Now this is nothing new, as it has already been available for the PC for some time, along with a host of similar peripherals from other companies. However, the difference here is that this new XEOX controller will work with your PS3.

Due out sometime in October, this could be a great accessory for 360 owners who have been wanting to check out titles on Sony’s flagship console. Now there will be no need to complain about the controller when you’re getting beat at your favorite games on a different console. No word yet on pricing, though the original XEOX controller for the PC sells for just under $30.



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