Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 20, 2011

Batman: Arkham City On The PC In A Brief NVIDIA Display

So it’s been a full two days since Batman: Arkham City released for consoles. Though some players are having DLC issues, the majority of them are enjoying a great game. Reviews are pouring in, and overall the game looks to have hit the higher point on almost every scale. With this much hype surfacing about it, many PC players must be getting anxious while waiting for Arkham City to release on their platform of choice.

Though we can’t give you the whole game on a platter, we can offer some amazing footage of it running on the PC. NVIDIA has released a new video showcasing the game running with the PhysX engine on, and off. Needless to say it looks stunning. This is most definitely a game worth waiting for on the PC.

Arkham City will release for the PC next month on November 15th. With the game looking this good, I imagine some console players are kicking themselves for breaking in and grabbing it for console. Still, the game is performing well on other platforms, but it just looks so pretty on PC. Check out the video below to see for yourselves.


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