Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 17, 2011

Buy Batman: Arkham City Used At GameStop, Grab Catwoman Download Code

Anyone who plans to pick up Batman: Arkham City knows that all new copies of the game will come with a code that unlocks Catwoman for play. Most of the time, players will grab a new copy of the game, use the code, beat the game, and return it for credit. That’s the life cycle that many video games go through. Arkham City, however will add a change to that cycle.

Players who plan to pick up the game used will still be able to pick up the Catwoman code, according to GameStop. A supposed memo was circulated through the company that stated to all employees that they were to issue a new code to everyone who purchased a used copy of Arkham City. This allows players who want to save a bit by picking up the game used to still cash in with the sweet download.

Of course we are waiting on confirmation on both companies for the truth of this matter, and when we receive it we will update accordingly. It would be great to see GameStop providing this code for players, just as they did with Resistance 3 and Mortal Kombat. Some players prefer to buy used, not only for the price drop, but because of the longer warranty the game merits. We’ll be looking for more info on this as it comes in.


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