Posted by Chad Kilinski on Oct 17, 2011

Dark Souls Speed Run – Game Completed In 1.5 Hours

Have you spent all of your days for the past two weeks dying and having to start over again and again on Dark Souls?  You’re not alone, trust me.  As much as this article may make you sick to your stomach, it’s true.  SexyShoiko has taken this painstakingly tough game and turned it into child’s play.

The total time from start to finish was officially 1 hour and 26 minutes.  This truly shows how much skill and practice can help cut this game down from days upon days of playtime to a short session that you can knockout in no time.

If you haven’t played, but plan on doing so in the future, don’t watch because it will spoil the game as well as show you shortcuts.  Also, if the difficulty of Dark Souls is currently giving you trouble, I wouldn’t watch.  It will only make you feel worthless. Hit the source for the last six videos in the series.


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