Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 3, 2011

Dead Island’s Pre-Order DLC Gets A Release Date This Week

With the end of September having come and gone, it means that the pre-order DLC for Dead Island has been delayed. This DLC pack included multiplayer content called the “Bloodbath Arena,” and players have yet to see it available on their consoles. With Deep Silver saying the content would be out in “late September,” where is it by now? Thankfully the developer is giving an insight to when we can look forward to picking up the downloadable content.

In a post on Techland’s Facebook page, they say that we can look forward to an official new release date within this week. The post reads, “We are working hard to make the Bloodbath Arena DLC available as soon as possible. However, due to further polishing of the main game the finalisation of the DLC code has been delayed. We know that many fans are eagerly waiting for it and apologise for any inconvenience. We expect to announce a release update next week.”

Many players are still heated over the ongoing issues with the game, such as saves being deleted and repeated freezing while playing. Compiled with the issues with supposed nudity in the game, both Deep Silver and Techland have a lot on their plates to work out. As soon as the developer announces a new release date for the Bloodbath Arena DLC, we will update.


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