Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 27, 2011

Netflix Unsure About Offering Video Games

It seems that almost everyone you know has a Netflix account nowadays. We use it to watch all our favorite anime, dramas, movies, and much more. It almost became the end all service when there was talk of Qwikster, which is a branch of Netflix, that would offer video games.

That string dangled in our faces for only a short while before it was yanked away. However, it seems as though they big wigs are still considering it. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had this to say:

“We have yet to decide whether or not to offer video game discs, the decision will have little financial impact either way.”

He speaks of financial impact because Netflix’s stock fell 37% the other day. Seeing as they are down 75% from their high, this is not welcome news. Maybe offering video games would be more beneficial than they think, but they had better make a decision soon, or stockholders are going to get antsy.


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