Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 20, 2011

Plush Portal Turrets Arriving This December

There have been many different Portal turrets that have been made from home, all with their own special qualities. These creations always catch the eye of the fans, and plenty of people start digging for their wallets, though in vain. All too many times do we find ourselves upset with the news that each creator has no plans on mass producing their one-of-a-kind creations, meaning that we’ll never get our hands on some of these great items. Now, though, times have changed.

Thanks to ThinkGeek, Portal turret plushies like the one pictured above will be making their way to the market this December. Each miniature machine of death comes with a glowing eye, motion detector, and will spurt out quotes to any who meander by. If it happens to get toppled over, it will express its disappointment to all in the room.

Those who want to pick one of these up as soon as they become available can head over to the ThinkGeek site and sign up for an email notification the minute these plushies go on sale. The site lists the estimated availability date of December 18th, and it will cost $30. Start getting your cash together now, as you’ve got plenty of people to order for this Christmas.


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