Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 5, 2011

Portal 2 DLC Out Now For Free, The Game Is Half-Price On Steam

As announced by Valve, the story of P-Body and Atlas continues with the newly-released Portal 2 DLC. Did we mention it’s free? Because it totally is.

The new content pack includes a single-player and co-op challenge mode, a new series of tests tossed out by GLaDOS herself, and leaderboards for these new additions. Players will keep their minds running at full speed with the new amount of content that’s streaming towards them in the new set of content which is available across all platforms.

Along with this DLC release, Steam is offering the whole game for half-off its original price. Players can pick up the game for just $15 until 4PM EST on Thursday October 6th. There’s never been a better reason to grab that copy of Portal 2 you’ve been putting off. After all, there are tests to be run, science to do, and you’re the perfect test subject. Get on over to the game’s Steam page and get to buying.


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