Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 18, 2011

Reality Fighters Augments Your Reality

Reality is kind of boring. You have to walk down the street with no fear of ninjas or zombies, and no amazing weapons that will lead you to an epic victory over the forces of evil. It just all kind of seeps into itself, which is why it would be much more interesting if there were random battles between strangers from time to time.

Reality Fighters looks like some sort of prototype, rather than an awesome mano-a-mano combat game for the PS Vita. This Augmented reality game will take your photo, and put it onto your characters’ head, which will face the face of your actual opponent. There are a myriad of customizable options, such as outfit, body type, accessories, and more. Some of the accessories actually give you special attacks, like surfing over your opponent, or running them over with a train. Even your fighting style can be different as you can choose from funny styles such as zombie, to more serious ones like Muay Thai.

This game will literally make the world your battlefield, as you can either use an AR card to tell your mini-me where to fight, or use the gyro sensors within the PS Vita to gauge where the ground is. Although, with the second option, you won’t be able to get a range of views, or the ability to pan in and out. This would be a great way to settle disputes between siblings, friends and otherwise, and you actually gain a victory over your opponent.


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