Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 25, 2011

RockStar Teases Us With Grand Theft Auto V

There’s nothing like a tease to start your morning off right. The people over at RockStar Games know this, which is why they let us know that they are indeed hard at work on Grand Theft Auto V.

Of course, that’s all they let us know. A simple tweet and a splash page are all that’s been shown of the new title. So far there are no hints as to what we can expect out of the game, or when it will arrive. What we do know is that we can expect a trailer on November 2nd.

What’s interesting is that there have been rumors circulating that the next game in the GTA series won’t be launching on the current generation of consoles. Could this impending announcement give us a hint as to when we’ll see new hardware from Sony and Microsoft?

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