Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 27, 2011

World of Warcraft: Guilds Can Now Transfer Servers And Factions

Are you one of the numerous World of Warcraft players who has noticed that you’ve put a lot of time into your guild, only to see that your server favors the other faction? All too often we get into a guild and level a toon that we’ve gotten close to, only to see that the opposite faction is running the server. This means that the Auction House has better items for them, they run the Battlegrounds, and more than likely there are more of them lying in wait to attack when you least expect it.

Blizzard has a way to remedy this, and now they’re offering guilds to not only transfer across servers, but factions as well. Right now the changes are available to a select few servers, but Blizzard is working on getting this feature to roll across all active servers as soon as possible. In order to request the change, guild leaders will need to gather the cash to make their requests complete. Changing factions will run $40, changing realms will be $35, a guild name change runs $20, and bundling a realm and faction transfer will run $65, saving $10.

Everything that will accompany these changes will be the guild master, bank, level, perks, and achievements. This means that all other guild members will have to pony up their own cash in order to make the move. Once the guild leader moves across faction or server, everyone who has been left in their wake will be in a level one guild with the same name, with nothing to their name. So, if there is a decision made, it would be wise to run it by all members before it’s implemented. If you’re looking for something new, however, this may be your calling card.


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