Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 20, 2011

You Can Now Purchase Your Own Mass Effect Assault Rifle

Fans of the Mass Effect universe will be happy to know that they no longer are forced to create their own in-game assault rifles from scratch. Now you can purchase your own rifle on EA’s online store. Of course, you could still make one for bragging rights, just to show all of your friends.

The replica rifle is a 1:1 scale model of the M8 Avenger from in the game. This means the replica is the exact size that it’s supposed to be in the game world. That being said, this Avenger weighs in around 20 pounds, and is roughly 34″ long.

With a $650 price tag, it raises question as to why the replica is listed at such a high price. The answer? This entire Avenger is cast in polystone, the same material that expensive statues are created with. It’s also hand-painted and will only see 500 units ship worldwide. This means that if you want one, you’d better gather your cash and head to order one as soon as possible.


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