Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 15, 2011

Battlefield 3 Players Receive Ban Across All Platforms

Hundreds of Battlefield 3 players have seen themselves banned from playing the game on all platforms, due to EA claiming them as cheaters and boosters. The publisher has wiped stats off these accounts, as well as permanent bans from playing the game’s multiplayer all together. These accounts were scrutinized by EA and have been found guilty of exploiting the game in several ways.

It would seem that a known glitch has allowed some players to earn tens of thousands of points in a single round. If you’ve stumbled on the invincibility glitch in the game, either you’ve not noticed it or you haven’t wracked up enough points to get slammed with a ban. The selected accounts were shown to have used the glitch over and over again from round to round in order to jump in the points bracket.

DICE is currently working on a patch that should resolve this issue as we speak. EA plans to continue their investigation, citing their “Zero tolerance” policy for cheaters. Play with honesty, guys. It’s that simple. No one likes a cheater.


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