Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 9, 2011

Choose Wisely With This Dark Souls Class Trailer

When it comes to a game like Dark Souls, making the right choice means the difference between life and death. Deciding the right class is a defining factor in the game, and if you take the wrong path with the wrong character, you’ll not venture too far. With the game’s newest trailer, we get to see some special moves from a special class.

The trailer shows off a warrior/wizard hybrid, and brings forth a lot of action. It’s a highly effective class that allows for long-range combat as well as the ability to hold one’s own in a brawl. If you’re looking to make it somewhere in Dark Souls, this is the class to shoot for.

Check below for the video, and see the class in action. With these points and placement being all that stands between you moving forward and a gruesome death, I’d be keeping tabs on this footage. I personally went with the Pyromancer, as it had the best stat placement for progression. This class, however, looks like it could work out just fine.


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