Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 15, 2011

Dead Island ‘Bloodbath Arena’ DLC Finally Dated

If you picked up a special edition copy of Dead Island, you likely got the included DLC code for the first set of content, the “Bloodbath Arena.” Though there wasn’t a listed release date for the DLC, Deep Silver promised us it would be arriving soon, and we patiently sat in wait. The game underwent some patching and maintenance, and now the company has announced an official release date for the DLC on all platforms.

Dead Island’s Bloodbath Arena will hit consoles on November 22nd, which isn’t too far off. The pack will have players facing wave after wave of the hungry undead, with each wave becoming increasingly more difficult. It will include a leaderboard, and up to 4 players can participate in the action.

If you didn’t already grab the code from the special edition, the DLC will be available for 800 Microsoft Points ($9.99) when it releases. I look forward to jumping into the pack, and we’ll certainly have a review up after the release for those who are on the fence. Ready those machetes people. We’ve got some work to do.


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