Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 10, 2011

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Will Have An Infinite Amount Of Quests

If you’re debating on spending the money on Skyrim, let me make your decision easy: it’s worth every penny because there is no end. You’ll never find an end to a quest line in Bethesda’s new open-world role-playing game. Todd Howard, director of Skyrim, told Wired.com on Monday that there is a new system implemented into the game that randomly generates quests and such so as to not make the game the same for anyone. “The vibe of the game is that it’s something that you can play forever,” Howard said.

They call the randomizing system the “Radiant quest system” and it basically comes up with random events and quests for you based on how far into the game you are and how much your character has developed. In addition to these main quests, you will also be able to do quests for specific game factions like the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild. Once you complete those scripted quests, you will be able to pick up randomly generated quests from those factions.

Howard says that the world is sprinkled with surprises and players discover these surprises through the random quests. Players are able to piece together the world and the stories that go along with it when they are sent out to pick up herbs in an area they have yet to explore, for example. Bethesda says they learned this kind of gameplay when designing their last game, Fallout 3. “With Fallout, it’s not as beautiful a world to everybody,” Howard said. “We had to find ways to make exploration of [a destroyed wasteland] interesting.”

He says that the completion of these quests are not what will be most satisfying, the exploration that goes along with it will. Skyrim is an awesome realistic world that begs to be explored, so pick up the game and just have fun with it.


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