Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 28, 2011

Get All Of Skyrim’s Book Bound In One Digital Format

We’ve already seen all of the Oblivion books put together in one epic tome, and with the release of Skyrim, it brings yet another great combination. If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, then you’ll know that the developers at Bethesda have put a lot of time into creating a deep and interesting world. Across your journey through the world in Skryim you’ll come across many different books and scrolls, each with their own special detail.

Like with the Oblivion tome, each of these books has been condensed into one large tome, though there’s one major difference – it’s now digital. A website called Capane.us has transferred each story into one large file, in both .pdf and .epub formats. This way you can read it on your Kindle or iPhone. The large book contains a full table of contents and allows you to choose from different chapters.

You can head to the site and choose which format you’d like to download. Then it’s as easy as syncing your device with your PC to get the file and start reading. Big thanks to Capane for the work, and did we forget that it’s free? Go get it!



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