Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 2, 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer Released

Looks like Rockstar held true to their promise of a trailer release! Straight out of the gates you can tell exactly what area the game is based in. Looks like the 4channer was right when he said it’d be based in San Andreas again! You can spot San Andreas on the license plates. It also appears that we will see some Los Santos but we aren’t sure what the main area will be.

A Redditor named drifter1717 pointed out some of the details about the video in his comment on Reddit. Since Reddit seems to be full of internet detectives, it doesn’t surprise me that this bunch of information was obtained from the video so speedily. He notices some of the following things from the video (you can watch the video below):

  • Will be set at least in Los Santos, possibly all of San Andreas (edit: It is San Andreas, you see it on the license plates. And the bug exterminator’s van says “Los Santos” on is, meaning that there’s a very good chance we will get all 3 cities)
  • Dogs/animals are in game
  • A MASSIVE looking mountain
  • Biplanes/jets
  • Jet skis? (name of the Jetski? Speedophile 2000)
  • At least one area of town will be “Little Seoul” (:32)
  • Ok, at different points in the trailer there are what looks like different people driving cars. At first I thought it was a sign that the ability to control your whole appearance is back, but when I look closer it almost seems like you would be controlling a different character
  • If the main character winds up being Tommy Vercetti 25 years after the events of Vice City (VO sounds a hell of a lot like Ray Liotta, guy at :40 looks like Tommy)

All of this information seems to point towards a very interesting game that is shaping up over there at Rockstar. The storyline seems to be different enough from previous games to make it interesting while still letting the players have a good old fashion GTA killing spree. Watch the video below and see if you can find any more details that Reddit seemed to miss.

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