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Guide To Finding All 80 Unique Weapons In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Scattered throughout the land of Skyrim you will find a number of strong unique weapons for the taking. You can receive these weapons upon completion of quests, finishing dungeons, pickpocketing NPCs, and many other ways. Most of these weapons are crazy good, so they’re well worth the hunt.

Look at them like they’re Pokemon and collect ’em all. Show em off to your friends, switch them out every day, or just stash them in your storage. The guide below outlines the name, location, and details for finding each weapon. The table and information comes courtesy of Realsg.com.

Keep in mind, some of these weapons are very powerful.  Find them at your own expense because they may make you slightly overpowered. (How overpowered? See our Unique Weapon Stats Guide)  Besides that, happy hunting!

Weapon Location Description
Alessandra’s Dagger Riften (Hall of the Dead) Must deliver this weapon during “Pilgrimage”
Amren’s Family Sword Found in a random bandit camp Speak to Amren. Found in a random camp.
Angi’s Bow Angi’s Camp Complete all of her archery lessons to receive this weapon
Balgruuf’s Greatsword Whiterun (Warmaiden’s) Adrianna Avenicci will give this to you for completing Greatsword for a Great Man
Blade of Sacrifice Sacellum of Boethiah During Daedric Quest: Boethiah’s Calling, the Priestess of Boethiah will give it to you
Blade of Woe Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Either Dark Brotherhood Quest: Death Incarnate OR Destroy the Dark Brotherhood! Will be taken from Astrid
Bloodthorn Deepwood Redoubt Upper level platform of Hag’s End you will see an impaled body. The weapon is on this body
Bolar’s Oathblade Bloated Man’s Grotto Just before Daedric Quest: Ill Met by Moonlight, look inside the Shrine. It’s at the foot of the statue of Talos
Borvir’s Dagger Journeyman’s Nook Near the Alchemy Lab you will see Borvir’s dead body. It’s near him.
Bow of the Hunt Clearpsring Tarn On the altar at the back of Clearspring Cave
Ceremonial Axe Volunruud Same as above
Ceremonial Sword Volunruud Need it to open the Elder’s Cairn Door inside Vulunrrud
Chillrend Riften (Riftweald Manor) During Thieves’ Guild Quest: The Pursuit. It’s in the locked display case in Mercer’s study room
Dawnbreaker Statue to Meridia (Killreath Ruins) Complete the Daedric Quest: The Break of Dawn to get this weapon
Dragon Priest Staff Forelhost End of Forelhost you’ll see Dragon Priest Rahgot. It’s carried by him
Dragon Priest Staff Skuldfn Near the portal to Sovngarde carried by Dragon Priest Nahkriin
Dragonbane Sky Haven Temple In Sky Haven Temple’s armory, it’s on a table
Drainblood Battleaxe Labyrinthian During College of Winterhold Quest: The Staff of Magnus, it’s held by the spectral Draugr
Drainheart Sword Labyrinthian Same as above
Drainspell Bow Labyrinthian Same as above
Dravin’s Bow Riften (Ratway Warrens) Found while on the Misc. Quest: Bow to the Master
Ebony Blade Whiterun (Dragonsreach) Complete Daedric Quest: The Whispering Door
Eduj Volunruud Might be carried by Knevel the Tongue (end of dungeon)
Eye of Melka Blind Cliff Cave Complete Dungeon Quest: Blind Cliff Cave – Melka and Petro
Firiniel’s End Solitude During Dark Brotherhood Quest: Bound Until Death. Will be left on a balcony looking over the Temple of the Divines
Froki’s Bow Graywinter Watch Back of the cave is a tent. It’s near this tent on a barrel.
Gadnor’s Staff of Charming Crystaldrift Cave Near the body of Gadnor, on top of the giant rock (you’ll know what I’m talking about)
Gauldur Blackblade Folgunthur End of the dungeon, fight Mikrul Gauldurson to get it
Gauldur Blackbow Geirmund’s Hall Sigdis Gauldurson will have this at the end of the dungeon
Ghorbash’s Ancestral Axe Random Dungeon If you find it, Ghorbash will become a follower
Ghostblade Ansilvund Fjori and Holgeir will give this to you at the end of the dungeon
Grimsever Mzinchaleft Help Mjoll the Lioness. Miscellaneous Objective: Grimsever’s Return
Halldir’s Staff Halldir’s Cairn Halldir is carrying this at the end of the dungeon
Headsman’s Axe Solitude Look for Ahtar, Solutide’s jailor. You can either complete his quest or pickpocket him.
Hevnoraak’s Staff Valthume End of the dungeon. It’s carried by Dragon Priest Hevnoraak
Hjalti’s Sword Random Dungeon Part of “The Ghost of Old Hroldan” in a random dungeon
Kahvozein’s Fang Random Dragon Priest Dungeon College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Alteration Ritual Spell. Given to you by Tolfdir, but it’s in a random dungeon
Keening Random Dungeon During College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Arniel’s Endeavor. Dropped by Arniel
Lunar Iron Mace Silent Moons Camp One of the (4) random Lunar Weapons found inside Silent Moons Camp
Lunar Iron War Axe Silent Moons Camp One of the (4) random Lunar Weapons found inside Silent Moons Camp
Lunar Steel Mace Silent Moons Camp One of the (4) random Lunar Weapons found inside Silent Moons Camp
Lunar Steel War Axe Silent Moons Camp One of the (4) random Lunar Weapons found inside Silent Moons Camp
Mace of Molag Bal Markarth (Abandoned House) Same as above
Mehrunes’ Razor Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon Complete Daedric Quest: Pieces of the Past
Nettlebone Orphan Rock Obtained during Temple Quest: The Blessings of Nature
Nightingale Bow Bronze Water Cave Finish Thieves Guild Quest: Blindsighted
Notched Pickaxe Throat of the World Go the mountain’s highest tip and you will find it lodged in the rock face
Okin Volunruud Same as above
Poacher’s Axe Halted Stream Camp Found on an Orc near this forge
Queen Freydis’s Sword Random Cave During Favor: Item Retrieval. Oengul War-Anvil needs you to return this to him
Red Eagle’s Bone Rebel’s Cairn After slaying Red Eagle, it’s on a pedestal on your way out
Red Eagle’s Fury Red Eagle Redoubt Carried  by the leader at the summit of Red Eagle Redoubt
Rundi’s Dagger Rundi’s Mistake Edge of a small alter
Rusty Mace Markarth (Abandoned House) Daedric Quest: The House of Horrors will yield this weapon to you
Sanguine Rose Morvunskar (Misty Grove) Complete Daedric Quest: A Night to Remember
Shagrol’s Warhammer Fallowstone Cave (Giant’s Grove) During Daedric Quest: The Cursed Tribe. It’s in the Giant’s Grove
Shiv Markarth (Abandoned House) Side Quest: No One Escapes Cidhna Mine. Get it from Grisvar
Skull of Corruption Nightcaller Temple Complete Daedric Quest: Waking Nightmare
Spider Control Rod Markarth (Understone Keep) Thieves Guild Quest: Hard Answers. It’s in Calcelmo’s Lab, in a room off to the side of the first chamber
Staff of Arcane Authority Winterhold (The Frozen Hearth) Will receive as part of Favor: A Little Light Thievery
Staff of Hag’s Wrath Darklight Tower Silvia is carrying this at the end of the dungeon
Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson Saarthal In front of Jyrik Gauldurson, on the altar at the end of the dungeon
Staff of Magnus Labyrinthian Finish the above quest (The Staff of Magnus)
Staff of Tandil Random Dungeon During College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Arniel’s Endeavor in a random dungeon
Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls Ironbind Barrow End of the dungeon, on the back of the throne
Steel Sword Riften (The Scorched Hammer Blacksmith) Balimund for Harrald will give this to you during “Bring It!” (Misc. Quest)
The Longhammer Liar’s Retreat Next to the bar owner’s impaled body
The Pale Blade Frostmere Crypt End of the dungeon, carried by Ra’jirr
The Rueful Axe Rimerock Burrow Will find it during Daedric Quest: A Daedra’s Best Friend
The Woodsman’s Friend The Conjuror’s Altar: Lake Ilinalta Southwest of the altar, near some cut logs. It’s next to a dead guy
Trollsbane Cradle Stone Crag On Frofnir Trollsbane’s corpse
Valdr’s Lucky Dagger Moss Mother Cavern Valdr will give this to you after the Dungeon Quest: Hunter and Hunted
Volendrung Fallowstone Cave (Giant’s Grove) Complete Daedric Quest: A Cursed Tribe
Wabbajack Solutide (Blue Palace Pelagius Wing) Complete Daedric Quest: The Mind of Madness
Windshear The Katariah Far end of the forward mast
Wuuthrad Whiterun (Skyforge) Companions Quest: Glory of the Dead, will be forged by Eorlund
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