Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Nov 11, 2011

More Skylanders Spyro’sAdventure Characters Hit Retail Stores

If you haven’t tried playing this game, you have no idea how wonderfully addictive Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure is. You can check out the review here, but this game has stolen several days worth of my time. To add to my dismay, there are 3 new characters hitting retail stores, which means I’m going to say goodbye to another $30.

Keep your eyes peeled for Hex, Dino-rang, and Wrecking Ball. Hex is a female addition to the undead class who has a Wall of Bones to keep the baddies at bay while she hurls ranged attacks at them. Dino-rang is a alligator-looking creature that is in the earth element who uses boomerangs. (go figure) Wrecking Ball is about to become a must-have for me, because he is a hungry little blue party animal from the magic element who uses Tongue Whap and Power Belch. He’s so cute!

We’re all obviously going to have favorites, and my top two when I first saw the list of 32 were Hex and Wrecking Ball, and now I’m enamored. I think we’re all going to be wishing we had more money this month aren’t we?

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