Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 20, 2011

Need For Speed The Run Capped At 30 FPS

When buying a racing game, what is one aspect of gameplay that you are looking for? It’s smooth and realistic driving that mimics real life, right? Racing games are meant to fill the void in our life that consists of driving down the highway going 160mph with not a care in the world. When racing games aren’t the smoothest is when we start to have a problem, though.

A couple of days ago EA released its newest game titled Need for Speed: The Run. Fans held this game on a pedestal because of the potential it had. This game is created on the Frostbite 2 engine (the same engine as Battlefield 3), so the its gameplay/graphics is undeniably awesome, but there is one massive problem!

Electronic Arts’ and Black Box’s anticipated NFS:The Run is LOCKED AT 30FPS. We’ve seen this scenario plenty of times before such as the L.A. Noire case, but compare the pace of each of those games. L.A. Noire is a very slow paced game whereas NFS:The Run is a fast paced racing game. PCs these days are more than powerful enough to handle Frostbite 2 with more than 30fps and this is unacceptable from EA and Black Box.


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