Posted by Chad Kilinski on Nov 10, 2011

New Call Of Duty Announced Less Than 24 Hours After Modern Warfare 3 Launch

Activision Blizzard held a conference call for investors on the day the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released. This seemed like an odd time to have a conference call, but I don’t have much experience when it comes to timing events business-wise. With this conference call came some information on their upcoming games as well as tons of information dealing with their economics.

One of the first things Activision said was “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 boasted the largest day-one shipments in gaming history.” That probably doesn’t surprise most of you considering it is the biggest gaming franchise in history. With numbers like that, you would expect Activision to make the hell out of more games in the series. We learned on Tuesday that they do have a scheduled Call of Duty game launch sometime in 2012. “As we focus on 2012, we have a strong product pipeline which features a minimum of two highly-anticipated new titles from Blizzard Entertainment, including Diablo III, and a new Call of Duty game from Activision Publishing,” Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said.

Along with the new Call of Duty, Activision Blizzard is working on the 2012 release of Diablo III, the World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and the MMORPG code-named Titan that will hopefully be released in 2013.

Another key note that they touched on was the success of Slylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. They stated that they were already receiving reorders from distributors.

That being mostly all of the juicy game information, they also released their financial numbers. This number summary is from July to September, so a quarter of their year. These numbers astound me, but then I remind myself that this is one of the largest gaming companies in the world.

  • Quarterly revenues of $754 million (up 16% from $650 million last year)
  • Net profit of $148 million (up from $51 million last year)
  • Retail sales of $250 million (down from $320 million last year)
  • Digital sales $427 million (up from $363 million last year) (now accounts for 57% of sales, up from 49% last year)
  • Total yearly revenue expected to be $4.33 billion (up from the pre-MW3 projection of $4.18 billion)
  • Earnings per share expected to be $0.76 (up from the pre-MW3 projection of $0.68)

Keep in mind the first four numbers account for three months. Multiply them by four to find the total numbers for the year.


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