Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 22, 2011

New Magic: The Gathering Premium Deck Series, Graveborn Now Available

Wizards of the Coast has just announced a new set in the Premium Deck Series for Magic: The Gathering. This new deck, called Graveborn, is a new 60-card, all-foil deck that’s meant seriously mess with your opponent’s mind.

The Graveborn deck is built to allow players to entomb, exhume, and reanimate any creatures they see fit. Using these special sorceries, players can bring back their opponent’s creatures from the dead and use them to lead a march on their former masters. On top of this tactic, the deck offers ways to cut down the opponent’s hand size, and set out your own horrific monsters of destruction to tear your enemies limb from limb.

The deck includes 6 rare cards, a special Spindown life counter, a foil deck box, and the learn-to-play guide. You can pick it up from your local card gaming retailer for $34.99. It’d be best to go ahead and pick one up for yourself, because these decks will be in limited print.

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