Posted by Rob Jiang on Nov 4, 2011

Review – Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse (PC)

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I hate branded products. I remember bringing a power rangers lunch box to school one day, and getting a hard time from my friends. Ever since, I have enjoyed timeless designs — sleek, black, white, or grey and minimalistic. Yes, I am boring, I know. When Chris sent me a text picture of the bright, gold Bumblebee edition of the new Razer Deathadder, I honestly laughed out loud. I am so glad I gave this mouse a chance.

First Impressions

Bright gold mouse. The mouse pretty much stands out significantly from other devices in the market. Razer does offer a few other color options, so if yellow isn’t your cup of tea, there are alternatives. The mouse is best designed for palm grip mouse users with the somewhat wide body. Other than that, Razer products have cloth braided wiring, not to significant in my opinion. Instead of the Razer logo, the Transformer addition comes with either an Autobot or Decepticon logo, which does add a very cool flavor.


The mouse works great. As a person that competes in first person shooters and real time strategy games, precision and consistency with my equipment is a top priority. Ask my roommates specifically and they can tell you about how finicky I am about my equipment. I have the same mouse bungee, same mouse pad, and same mouse for close to 4-5 years now. All of them are placed in the exact same position. When I travel to LAN parties and tournaments, I bring all of my same equipment. Overall, my point is that my equipment matters a lot and I have very, very high standards. The mouse has been fantastic. Whenever I get a new mouse, I have two tests. First, is the ability to be precise, so in an fps game, I have specific points in the game that I will try to aim at. After a short moments of tweaking the sensitivity, the mouse polled flawlessly. Second, and this is actually a test that many mouse’s do not pass, I test how accurate the mouse works with large mouse swings. I play usually at the lowest possible sensitivities (a habit for the top professional gamers), so when I need to do a 180 degree turn in game, it requires close to a foot of mousepad real estate. The Deathadder passed this test easily as well.


The Razer Deathadder’s driver system is pretty standard. You can adjust the polling rate, switch between a selection of dpi settings, and change some of the minor changes. There aren’t many things you can do with a mouse usually, but the Deathadder lacks any macro buttons or color adjustment abilities. To me as a gamer, I am not that concerned with looks; however, people that care about their “all blue” set up or programmable macro buttons may need to find a different color, or choose a different mouse.


The mouse fits me perfectly. Functionally, it has everything that I want. It is precise and consistent. There are not too many additional features, but that isn’t too important for me in a mouse. MMO players that are used to having macro keys may be in trouble. As a person that doesn’t like heavily branded items, I love my Transformer edition Deathadder.

The Good

  • Great mouse, precise and consistent
  • Cool look and concept
  • Automotive paint feeling is different from the rubberized design with other mice

The Bad

  • No macro keys
  • No customizability

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