Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 14, 2011

Save Game Issues Arise With Batman: Arkham City

On Batman: Arkham City’s official forum site, it looks like a lot of players are experiencing some issues with loading up their saved games to continue on their journey. They are running into bugs that are causing the players’ save game files to become corrupted or deleted. Players are reporting in an ongoing thread that is seeing many hours lost to the bug, and players are forced to start all over again.

It looks so far like the issues are only with the Xbox 360 version of the game. The reports rolling in claim that files being lost are ranging from six hours of play time to 80% completion going out the window. A lot of the discussion on the forum seems to be pointing some fingers at the Catwoman DLC available for the game, which had seen some issues earlier.

As of now the reports aren’t being confirmed, so they are speculation. Since the game launched, however, it looks like more of them continue to come in, which can help add some confirmation to them. We’re waiting for official word on the matter, and once we hear something we’ll update. So far, have any of you had any of these sort of issues with the game?


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