Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 21, 2011

Skyrim Receiving Update The Week After Thanksgiving, Hopefully

Many people across the world have been losing sleep ever since Skyrim released, and there’s been no complaining except for the fact that we humans shouldn’t need sleep at all. Tons of hours have been logged into the game and it’s been captivating players since they first opened the plastic wrapping. Since the game has launched, though, there have been plenty of bugs affecting the game that have gotten players somewhat frustrated with the gameplay. Of course, this is to expect with a Bethesda game.

The developer has, however, picked up on player feedback and they’re working hard to address any player issues that have come up. Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing at Bethesda announced via Twitter that a PC update is coming to the game hopefully the week after Thanksgiving, and that the console versions of the update have already been submitted for approval.

Hopefully the update will address most of the bugs and gameplay issues that players have found frustrating as of late. As soon as more information comes through, we’ll update. We’ll be on the lookout for an update list soon.



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