Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Nov 7, 2011

Sony Is Cutting Game Sharing Capabilities To Two Devices

To most of you, reading the title of this post doesn’t cause much distress. However, to others, this is a great big ball of disaster coming quickly in your direction. Sony has some changes coming to their usage policies for the PlayStation Network that will be in effect starting November 18th.

What’s going to happen is that PS3 and PSP users will only be able to play their games on up to two activated systems. Seeing as this used to be a cap of five, some people are pretty outraged. There is always the question of why you need more than one PS3 in a home, but families and roommates know the answer to that. Can you imagine having 3 kids who are all around the same age, who all want to play a single-player PS3 game at once? Yea, I’d save up for three PS3s too, just to have some quiet for an hour or two.

I’m assuming everything you already have will be grandfathered in on your account, as the PlayStation Blog says the update will not affect game content purchased before November 18th, but game sharing with four of your best buds is no longer going to happen. I can understand why this is happening, but it does suck for the people that it’s affecting in a negative way. On a happier note, there will be an account management website that you can deactivate your old accounts on via PC, which will be helpful in the least.

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