Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 30, 2011

World of Warcraft Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3 Is Finally Live, Details and Trailer

It’s finally time, and the long wait is over. The new patch 4.3 is now live for World of Warcraft. This patch has been called “Hour of Twilight,” and it includes plenty of fixes and features to keep players full of interest. The official World of Warcraft site has a list of what to expect with the patch, and here are some details from their post.

In patch 4.3, Thrall and the noble Aspects will call upon the Horde and the Alliance to help them retrieve the artifact–no longer in existence–from the distant past. Those brave enough to face the challenge will embark on a perilous journey from Azeroth’s apocalyptic End Time to the Dragon Soul’s point of origin during the catastrophic War of the Ancients. If the heroes succeed, an even more harrowing battle awaits them in the present….

Added in the patch are new dungeons and raids:

  • New Dungeon: End Time

This new 5-player Heroic dungeon begins the quest to save all with a look at the desolate future of Azeroth, should its defenders fail to stop Deathwing.

  • New Dungeon: Well of Eternity

In this new 5-player Heroic dungeon, adventurers travel back 10,000 years in a brazen attempt to retrieve the Dragon Soul.

  • New Dungeon: Hour of Twilight

This new 5-player Heroic dungeon sets the final stage by bringing players face-to-face with the Twilight’s Hammer in present-day Dragonblight, where Thrall and the Dragon Soul must be safely escorted to Wyrmrest Temple so that the assault on Deathwing can commence.

  • New Raid: Dragon Soul

Players have the opportunity to take the fight to Wyrmrest Temple and beyond, assisting Thrall and the Dragon Aspects as they seek to bring an end to the Black Dragonflight once and for all. 10- and 25-person raids will get to take on Deathwing himself, with three levels of difficulty to consider and epic gear to claim.

The patch adds a Raid Finder, which functions much like the Dungeon Finder that already exists within the game. It’s a new grouping feature allows players to quickly and easily form a pick-up raid for a specially tuned version of the current tier of endgame content. Transmogrification also appears in the patch, which allows players to customize their gear like never before: copying the appearance of one magical item onto another. Reforging has also changed and been compiled with Void Storage. With all of these new features in the game, players will finally get the playability they’ve been asking for. For more notes on the patch, head to the World of Warcraft post. You can also check out the patch’s trailer below.



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