Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 27, 2011

A Bear Wearing A Tutu Hiding In Modern Warfare 3?

The Modern Warfare subseries in the Call of Duty games have been known for more than their addictive multiplayer. These games are also home to some Easter Eggs that often involve teddy bears. That being said, Modern Warfare 3 is definitely no exception.

Youtuber TheAmaster 15 compiled a short video for us to show one odd, yet intriguing Easter Egg. This prize can be found on the Mission map, and you can only see it when in spectator mode. If you fly the camera up past the church, you can float on down to see a bear, wearing a tutu.

We don’t know what this means, and TheAmaster15 doesn’t either. He has an ongoing comment thread on the video of people discussing what in the world this bear could stand for, and we’d like to know too. Check out the video below, and then you can speculate for yourself.


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