Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 27, 2011

A Close Look At Resistance: Burning Skies, George Washington Bridge

For all of those fans out there who want to keep their FPS gaming on the move, great news is here. Resistance: Burning Skies will launch for the PS Vita in 2012, and it will bring with it plenty of action for your nimble, traveling fingers.

In a newly-released video, Rob Huebner from Nihilistic walks us through a very action-packed level in the new game, and it’s no joke. The video follows a team across the George Washington Bridge, a new area announced for Burning Skies. This all takes place on day one of the invasion by the Chimera, so you can expect plenty of scouts littered across the brigde.

You can see some great touch-screen melee controls, the new cover system, and new touch-activations that bring the Resistance title to a whole new light. There isn’t an announcement of specific release date or multiplayer, so we’ll have to wait. While we wait, however, check out the video below.



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