Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 5, 2011

Defense Grid ‘You Monster’ DLC Introduces The Terror Of GLaDOS

If you ask me, tower defense games are fun, but they’re missing something. Maybe it’s flair? Maybe it’s the lack of infinite ammo? How about the lack of sheer terror? The latter is introduced with the latest DLC available for Defense Grid, and a couple of familiar characters make an appearance.

The new DLC, “You Monster,” includes Zoey from the Left 4 Dead series, and she’ll need to step it up to survive the deadly wrath of the second included character. In a stunning cameo, GLaDOS  arrives to offer up not only some familiar terror, but some brand new game content as well. The DLC will introduce eight new levels which will add over 15 hours of new gameplay.

The pack will cost $4.99 on Steam, and 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. It’s a great piece of content, not only for fans of the game but those who have dabbled in Valve games as well. With 35 new missions, you’ll be testing for quite a while under the watchful gaze of GLaDOS. Check out the DLC’s trailer below.


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