Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 22, 2011

Downloadable Fix Coming For Skyward Sword Game-Breaking Bug, Now Live In Japan

Many Skyward Sword fans were certainly aware of the game-breaking bug that prevented players from moving further with the game, and have been dealing with it as best they can. When Nintendo responded with their “if you’ve done this you’ve gone too far and it sucks to be you” attitude, it raised a lot of frustration within the community. With many of us crying out, Nintendo has responded again to the issue.

This time they’ve tackled the issue at the source. There is now a special channel on the Wii that’s been named the “Legend of Zelda Data Restoration Channel.” This channel will offer a downloadable patch for the game that will fix the issue. Right now the channel is only live in Japan, and it’s in the works for the US and Europe.

We’ll make sure and update as soon as the patch is live, so keep an eye out. It’s great that Nintendo is making the step to fix the bug for players, and they’ve earned more respect among the community. We just cannot go without playing our Skyward Sword. You know how it is.


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