Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 11, 2011

Epic Games Unveils Fortnite, A Cartoony Shooter With Zombies

While the Spike TV Video Game Awards were well underway this past weekend, Epic Games took the stage with quite the announcement. It’s a new game that the company has been working on, and it’s a bit different compared to the previous games that we’ve seen from the developers. This new title is called Fortnite, and the name says it all.

Epic revealed a preview trailer for the game, and right off the bat we are struck with the difference. The game looks cartoony, much like what we see with games like Team Fortress 2. We know that the game centers around defending yourselves from zombies which apparently come out at night. I think the aim of the game is to scour for resources during the day to create a fort, hence the name “Fortnite,” and when the midnight hours come it’s up to you to defend it.

There was no mention of a release date, nor platform at the VGAs. We’re waiting on word from Epic, much like the rest of the community. Until more details come in, though, just check out the trailer below.


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